Successful Cases

"I have had a long history of success in treating patients with a variety of ailments in my Plano office. Most effects are all type of pains (back, neck, legs, shoulders, knees, arthritis), all type of allergies ( Food allergies, environmental allergies, skin rash, and asthma), and infertility. I have helped more than 84 people for having babies. A lot of them are over forty years old and have many times of IVF (in Vitro Fertilization) without results. With my help, they have had successful IVF cases. This is the most economic and safest way to have babies.
-- Shelley Tsai, Acupuncturist & RN
To whom it may concern:

Due to frustration and lack of results with conventional treatment I arranged to be treated by shelly Tsai, an acupuncture practitioner that is approved by United Healthcare. I underwent treatment for chronic sinus problem and a clogged tear duct with less than optimistic expectations.

after three weeks, I am delighted to report that my sinus condition is much improved and my tear duct, which has clogged when treatment started is now open and normal. I have canceled surgery that was scheduled to treat my clogged tear duct.

After the progress I have seen with Ms. Tsai, I plan to continue treatment to insure that my results are maintained.


A patient of Ms. Tsai
To United Healthcare,

This letter is to inform you of the many benefits I have received from treatment for Shelley Yang Tsai.

In the past seven years I have suffered with many complaints, seen many doctors and done many medical tests. Within 2 sessions with Shelley, my health has improved beyond belief.

Here are some ailments that have been lifted:

  • Insomnia
  • Back pain
  • Chronic Depression
  • Constant constipation
  • Low energy

You can look back in your files to see the western medical resources that have been used in the last seven years. Some were a little helpful, but nothing compares to this.

Words can not describe what has happened here. I didn't know life could be like this.

I am grateful to God, Shelley and that I have an insurance company that covers all paths to health.

From A patient of Shelley Tsai.

A 22-years-old college student had severe headache for more than 2 years due to his ski injury. He stayed in hospital for a month after the injury. He has seen many doctors including neurologist, acupuncturists, and other type of practitioners without any results. He was referred by another acupuncturist. He got a lot of allergies when he came in. He had severe headache every he sneezed. He feels like to die. He asked Shelley what he should do. Shelley told him that he is still a young person and God will help him in anyway. Shelley will do her best to help him. Two months after his treatments, he was completely healed. Shelley did acupuncture, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, neural trans matter, and gave him Chinese herbal medicine.